another day

Another green smoothie. This is such an easy and delicious way to incorporate leafy greens into your daily diet, that it’s a shame not to do it. The combination options are endless, and completely customizable to your taste buds.

Spinach + banana + fresh blueberries + frozen blackberry / blueberry mix + chia seeds:

DSC00321I use filtered or spring water, but unsweetened coconut water is also an option.

DSC00325Another option is to sub chia seeds for flax seeds.

DSC00324DSC00327Bottoms up!


liquid courage

Breakfast has always been a touchy subject for me. Since it’s the most important meal of the day, I feel like it cannot skip it — especially now that I am a mom trying to set a good example. Yet, I have to admit, starting my day with a coffee and a water seems to work just as well until lunch as starting it with oats or omelets.

Anyway, bring on the green drink that is a low-cal, leafy addition to your coffee, tea, cappuccino or mate, and is a respectable breakfast in terms of A.M. nutrition.


Easy-peasy: kale (1 or 2 cups) + spinach (1 or 2 cups) + a choice of a banana or some pineapple chunks + water.


Drank it at 8am, followed by a 9:30 cappuccino, and it lasted me until noon.